Thursday, July 25, 2013

We’ve been kicking around the idea of pretending to reboot the Hellboy film franchise and doing it right this time—with characterization and plot taken from the comics, etc.

We have a bunch of great actors for a fantasy fancast but a few are still glaringly missing. Have any suggestions?

Our picks so far beneath the cut:


Hellboy - Ron Perlman


Prof. Broom - John Hurt


Dr. Kate Corrigan - Vera Farmiga


Dr. Johann Kraus - Christoph Waltz


Ben Daimio - Takeshi Kitano


Dr. JH O’Donnell - John Noble (See Walter from Fringe)


Langdon Caul - Paul McGann



Abe Sapien (could use Doug Jones again?)
Liz Sherman
Andrew Devon
Ashley Strode
Carla Giarocco
Rebecca Gervesh

Maybe also Lobster Johnson and Edward Grey too?


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    Oh so we’re not going to use Selma Blair again? Fair enough. Er…I haven’t put a ton of thought behind who I’d want to be...
  2. gothamisburning answered: Bruce Campbell as Lobster Johnson.
  3. starforgedsteel said: I’m going to take all the suggestions that come out of this, and when Pacific Rim is released on DVD, make a BPRD fanvid. #priorities
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    I’m totally cool with Doug hanging on as Abe in both body and voice, I think he’s pretty damn good for it tbh. Just lose...
  5. mizpollard said: My boyfriends are so hot
  6. byrontobuffy answered: (i still want the revived spirit of Conrad Veidt to play Johann :’) ) (no ideas for Roger or Liz tho)
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    I’m so proud to see Caul McGann on that list.
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